Saturday, January 26, 2008

song choosing

How to pick 5 songs.... I'm going to the studio again next month and I'm reviewing material for the sessions. Not sure why my recording life ends up in 5-song batches. but there you go. There's a lot of old stuff that hasn't been recorded well but I'm liking new material better (probably because I'm sick of my old tunes). Watching Sean Hayes at the Independent last night, was as much about study as it was enjoying the show. I've been going to his shows periodically for more than six years, and have witnessed his gradual ascent into near stardom (in addition to selling out shows he's singing with Aimee Mann these days). The crowd was mostly young hipster, many adoring fans, and the band new and shiny. A drummer and a percussionist, keys, bass, lead guitar and SH on vocals and rhythm. This guys got it more together all the time-many of the new songs are sparer lyrically but otherwise groovy, and in some cases a little bit reggae. Plus he's writing in response to things other than his personal angst–earthquake history, movies, the global injustice du jour. The work is strong.... All in all: Good show, true artist, keep watching, and I was happy to make it: the show plus restorative yoga pulled together an otherwise fairly incapacitated-by-a-bad-cold. Half the people I know seem to be under the weather. The soggy weather hasn't been helping....Nonetheless, music generally makes me feel better if nothing else does.

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