Saturday, February 2, 2008


Mary Gauthier told a pretty funny story about co-writing in Nashville at the Great American Music Hall last night (I like her songs more than I liked the show, but two post-work happy hours had spoiled me a bit). She was mismatched by her producer, she said, and while the session was uncomfortable, she did produce a memorable tune of her own "Sideshow."
San Francisco songwriters (the ones I know anyhow) don't co-write as fervidly as they do in Nashville, but I had a fun time doing just that today with Jean amid the rain. It is possible to start and finish a song in less than two hours. She, Alex and I are playing together later in the month at Caffe Trieste so perhaps it will get its first public performance then. I haven't been playing much, but the calendar is filling up quickly for February ....

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