Thursday, February 14, 2008

inexplicable happy

is the best kind of happiness. And I woke up with it today-not because I'd received chocolate or flowers or figured out, finally, what made love last (Valentines Day being the big status check on everyone's state of relationship whether you buy into the hype or not). Rather, I woke up happy. Sunshine, calm and feeling well after a lousy health month will do that. Running into friendly faces on a commute, a Web. 2.0 sushi lunch with 1/2 of SF's 2.0 community at Blurb (a pretty cool co. that gave me an idea about a back burner book project) didn't hurt either. When life is good, albeit inexplicable and mundane, there's nothing to do but be grateful, and I remember why it's best not to 'force the river" (like you can!).

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Karen said...

So glad you're happy. Happy Valentine's Day!