Wednesday, February 13, 2008

a trip to the third world

On days like today I wonder about my incessant longing for a return to India—land of long, long waits, overwhelming poverty, air pollution and overcrowding (well there's other very good* reasons)—when it seemed I visited a third world country without leaving the city today. A morning of appointments spread out between home and work, including a visit to the DMV, found me on two extremely overcrowded buses, walking 8 long blocks because one bus just flat out didn't come, and waiting in too many lines to count. Glad it was a nice day is all I can say and any self-pity left me while riding one last bus between the DMV and downtown SF which featured some people with far worse luck than long lines-I was reminded I'm fortunate to be able to walk those long blocks when MUNI falls down, but wow, SF is losing a lot of its fabled sheen (hello public officials) at a rapid rate. Only thing todays urban scene lacked in comparison to India was the wandering well as complete *faith* among its citizens in things working out amid the chaos.

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