Friday, April 25, 2008

observations continued

Given I've been in social media land working on for TCG at Web 2.0., my head continues to be wrapped around where social media works (for me). So my favorite media groups tend to bring it down to the ground, close the loop between cyberspace and ground space, keep it real, so to say. I've had some interesting conversations the past few days, with people working on "urban inspiration" programs, and recently found out about Just Means. "For people who creat change." That's the real power of the internet and social media in my group, not necessarily blowing your own horn ad infinitum, but getting things done. Very happy that one of my favorite causes, Stop the Spray has just done that, stop the latest round of pesticide use in the Bay Area, for a bit, but we do need to stay on it.
Now there we go. It's hardly rocket science, but it's clear that all community is built on authentic relationships, where sentences get formed in real time, flawed, broken in places, perhaps, but infused with both meaning and feeling. Why in the end, I generally opt for music!

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