Wednesday, May 21, 2008

its a wacky world

Waking up to Groovy Judy setting up her music pit-stop in Hayes Green on Bay to Breakers Sunday foreshadowed what would be a surreal day. The race has gotten bigger and more drunken and when your apartment falls midway through the course, well, you gotta just deal (unfortunately, that means contending with a lot of public urination as well as early a.m. sound checks). I got up, had coffee with half the neighborhood to watch the first 40 minutes, then rode out to Marx Meadows to sit in a bit with Ben Bernstein at his Petting Zoo stop. Mimosas, numerous naked people and jams predominated --good times, you might say-- before I rode back home to take a break from the madness before a very fun, and relatively tame Cafe la Vie show. Here's some footage of the Land Sharks at BtoB.

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