Sunday, May 25, 2008

markets, magazines, meat

I don't eat meat these days. I have been a very loose vegetarian for the past few years, but the latest thing I read on meat production AND fish farming may have turned me off for good. That said, I have a hard time being moralistic about friends who eat meat. I met up with my pal Patrick Simms at a Valencia St. diner yesterday to discuss his latest project- in-incubation mode: a literary magazine geared toward African Americans (due to my literary pursuits over the years) and had a long ranging discussion on making a magazine, finding community and the political election over, for me, samosas! (that's the city for you, a diner named for New York, with breakfast standards, buffalo wings, NO bagels, but in a nod to the Indian owners, vegetarian samosas. Gotta love it) and for him, pancakes, eggs, and yes bacon. Why can't I get moralistic over bacon? Well, partly because I ate so much of it as a kid living a mile down the road from the Corralitos Market! My god the nitrites I'm trying to live down. But I am mostly nostalgic about the Market these days, especially with it now serving as media central for Summit Fire news. My peeps are ok but...., :(.
Anyhow, back to literary pursuits. I think Patrick has a great idea, the organizational know-how and track record. Look him up if you want to get involved or write me and I'll get you connected.

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