Monday, August 4, 2008

pies in the sky

Two of my favorite things--coastal ranches and pie--converge at Pie Ranch, "a diversified small-scale educational farm one hour south of San Francisco" committed to organics, restoration and sustainable agriculture. The fruits of Pie Ranch's labors result in Mission Pie, a cafe in the heart of the Mission District which completes the circle by offering variations of fruit pie yummyness as well as coffee, educational information about the ranch and growing and general good community cheer. Sunday, I attended Sky in the Pie Bake Baking Day at the urban pie center with two of my favorite people, Sally, Leo who were up from Santa Cruz for the day, and a good chunk of San Francisco. Featuring a pie contest, music and a display of new mural action on Balmy Alley led by artist Anne Hamersky it was a quite an event. The cafe was flooded by home-baked pies of every kind available for the tasting by we patrons as well as judges.

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