Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday review

Saturday was one of those days when I did everything i loved--saw friends, went to a great yoga class and played music. A new project with Andrew Metz and Marshal Perry has been percolating in the down time between finishing the CD, next week's show, and other bandmate's busy lives. We're still figuring out our name (suggestions?) but I think we have the ingredients for something interesting. ...Stay tuned.
Other than that national news has been weighing on me. I watched a rerun of the episode of The View featuring McCain with some colleagues today at brunch and walked away horrified (again) at the prospects for our country if we vote for fear and intolerance and fundamentalism. Yikes.
I sent in my absentee ballot request this week --- register to vote in whatever way appropriate if you haven't already. Why not Rock your Vote?

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