Thursday, October 9, 2008

Blue Angels are not my friend :(

My military roots are long and deep—dad a vet, brother a vet, great-great grandpa a vet, mom's side from war-torn Croatia...and on and on. Someone in my family had to say enough already. Such upbringing is partially responsible for my personal brand of peace-seeking mission, through alternative enrollments: UC Santa Cruz for the environment, Buddhist-accredited Naropa Institute for writing wisdom, all the yoga and arts, music, creative pursuits et. al. Sure, I like airplanes but the fact that it's Fleet Week in San Francisco, a military exercise, and warplanes are buzzing overhead (one of those puppies uses 46,000 pounds of fuel, and what does burning it contribute?) in the name of showmanship, seems like insult-to-injury in an especially contentious time. Yucko.
So I'm taking heart from Obama's campaign. Gobama, Barak 'n Roll, etc. Seems a better use of my resources.

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RedWritingHood said...

:) I'm the black sheep in my family... they are the hippies, I'm the radical right-wing conservative. Well, not really, but far enough in distance to be close enough. :)