Saturday, October 4, 2008


Finishing the CD has freed up some time and I've been getting back to some old project as well as seeing some new possibilities in the creative bag of tricks. On the lighter side of it all, a contest and another friend's pending return from 6 months living abroad both lined up in the last few days and inspired the resurrection of new/old songs. The East Bay Express is running a Sarah Palin songwriting contest and an email volley between me and musician pal Emily turned into a reworked Paul Simon tune. (One thing about this election is it's certainly galvinized a spate of creativity-from all the YouTube parodies, songs, bingo and drinking games, to god-know-what-else is being baked up. Sit-com? Opera, anyone?)
Beyond Sarah P skewering, Stefan Gustafson, bandleader of Luminous Family Trust (who is about to start his own family!) is on his way back from 6 months in Sweden. Email catching up led to his remembering a tune we started more than a year ago which is morphing into a teen-pop anthem "I've Got Issues, But..." Stay tuned.
I also was completely blown away last night, after stopping in at the 'Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Anything Goes' shindig (a locals celebration of the big deal at the park this weekend) at Velo Rouge, by another show, the kick-off to the fall SF Jazzfest at Davies Symphony Hall, 'Miles from India' which was perhaps the ultimate collaborative project. More on that later when my head knits back together.

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