Saturday, February 13, 2010

New moon... new paint

This is one of those small things that makes me big happy. Many years ago my rock-star (no she didn't play music but she knew what life was about) of a great aunt gave me a water color set that's been all over the world, with her and me. It must be 50+ years old (she gave it to me when she was in her 90s, she lived to be 100, and she passed more than a decade ago) and I've taken it to India and Europe and backpacking in the Sierra and used it in many a sketch book and card for a friend. The brush is sable but the pan is horrible by now, and all my colors have been bleeding into one another before they're meant to. So anyway, after playing at Macworld (which was very fun), I went into FLAX Art Store, and walked out with a new watercolor set. Windsor and Newton. Not particularly fancy, very affordable (I opted for affordable synthetic, rather than sable brush) but hey, all the colors are in their own little clip on pans and yay. ...and yes, the subtext of this is that I need a cover for my new CD and the artist whose work I LOVED said he doesn't do album covers I'm taking matters into my own hands. Ole!

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