Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Read.Eat.Listen: Twins

I've told this story so many times but it's kind of a huge part of my story, so, given it's my birthday, and also my twin brother's birthday, the subject was at hand in a big way. Most people that know me, know I'm a twin from a family of twins. My older sisters are twins, my mom was a twin, my dad's uncles were twins and both of my sisters have conceived twins. All fraternal. That is, two very individual beings who just happened to come into being at the same time and shared all that gestation time. Twins, I've read, fight as well as cuddle in utero. It's not so different once you're born. Alas, I think the twin relationship is just that, the quandary of nearly any relationship: how to share space and time peaceably. Being a twin, is my blessing and in many ways my curse. I often call my brother my 'first codependent relationship.' At the same time, I know I'm blessed to have a soul in my life that no matter where we left off, if we haven't talked for months, we resume our connection in a snap. So it goes this lifetime. It is nothing if my life's lesson.
Read: Double Mystery, by Lawrence Wright, The New Yorker (one of the best things I've read about being a twin. An article I often reference)
Eat: Double Chocolate Chip Cookies
Listen: "Devil in You" The Watson Twins

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