Monday, April 12, 2010

Did I mention?

I was really happy with the show(s)* on Sunday. The gas pedal has been kind of stuck on so pauses have been few BUT, I'd be remiss in not reiterating how much I enjoyed sharing a gig with Grace Woods and Festizio, who were joys to work with (as well as pros and wonderful artists), see friends familiar and dear and play songs new and old with my band. I love the folks I've been playing with this year and how they've helped me develop my tunes. I'm a walking Cafe Gratitude board game about it. If you weren't there, you can hear, and procure, the results of our labor "It's All Up To You" at iTunes or Cdbaby.
*Grace and I (backed by Kwame and Tatiana) did a warm up set at Nomad Cafe earlier in the day on Sunday before heading to SF. A bird showed up amid our brunch time set. There was also deluge right in the middle of "Adding Water to the Ashes" which seemed kind of prophetic. (Later, at Red Devil, it rained so hard the green room flooded.)

"Blues a healer /The blues a healer, all over the world, all over the world /Hmm
Lord, Lord, Lord /Blues a healer, all over the world, all over the world /Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord /Healed me, healed, healed, healed /It healed me /It healed me, to heal me /Can heal you, can heal you, heal you, if you let it " --John Lee Hooker

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