Thursday, July 22, 2010

Interview: KC Turner's Musical Adventure Lands @ Cafe du Nord

Musician, event producer and promoter KC Turner surely qualifies as one of San Francisco's most enthusiastic music fans and supporters. For the past several years he's been an integral part of uniting and showcasing the area's musical talent while providing some of the best showcases for regional and national acoustic songwriter acts. The host of a popular house concert series, two open mics and rep for more than a half-dozen artists, this Saturday, July 24, he's producing a show at Cafe Du Nord that epitomizes his high-quality indie aesthetic. Featuring The Welcome Matt, Francesca Lee and The New Believers and Owen Roberts expect impeccable musicianship, literate song craft and a snapshot of the thriving local scene. KC answered some questions about the upcoming show and the music that's keeping him inspired.

Q: You've a special show coming up Saturday. Given all the supercalifragious shows you make happen, what makes this one extra special?
KC: This one is @ Cafe Du Nord, one of San Francisco's best music clubs
and my personal favorite!

Q: How did you form the lineup for the upcoming Du Nord show and what can audiences new to them expect?
KC: Each of these bands produce a slightly different sound. The variety in a line up is important to me to keep the audience into it. Plus they are all three local San Francisco bands...and that makes me super happy!

Q: I've been having a extra great feeling about our San Francisco Bay Area music scene of late. What do you think makes it special?
KC: The people...we have a good support group of folks working/networking together...without that a scene doesn't really exist..I think it is still growing and has a ways to go to get national attention, but I feel very positive about the San Francisco music scene's future!

Q: How do you balance being an artist and producing all these shows? Who do you count as your main influences? Anyone you are listening to nonstop these days?
KC: The balance is easy, I enjoy promoting/producing shows more than performing. My main musical influence are folks that go out on their own and are just making it happen without a day job and busting their butts to get to the end goal of making music for a living...amBer Rubarth is a good example of that and John Craigie. I listen to Matt The Electrician non stop these days...He is a heavy influence on me in regards to how to make music life work. He resides in Austin, TX and has a family, house and continues to tour world-wide...he can balance it all out and make it work...and in the process makes amazing music!

Q: How did you start doing house concerts and other events? When did you know 'this is it for me to do right now'?
KC: [Bay Area musician and promoter] Drew Pearce gets the credit for getting me hooked on the idea of a house concert...from there I just wanted to book bands that I was a fan of...and to do so I needed to start my own house concert series (KC Turner House Concert Series)...I knew it was right from the first one we had at my little condo in Novato in 2007...I love organizing events and it went so well and was a ton of fun...I will never stop :-)

Q: Gazing into our crystal call, we see KC in the wee hours of 7/25 when the Du Nord crew is sweeping up after the sold-out concert're starting to plan the next big event...what will we see? What's up your sleeve for KC's Fall programming?
KC: House Concerts. I am hosting, Bob Schneider, Sean Hayes, Tim Bluhm, Matt The Electrician and a few other surprises this I am teaming up with KFOG to put on an additional series of house concerts to promote the new Local Scene CD that KFOG puts our annually. Its going to be an exciting Fall/Winter for sure! Folks can check out my website and
sign the email list to stay tuned!
KC Turner Presents - Francesca Lee, The Welcome Matt, Owen Roberts @ Cafe Du Nord July 24, 2010
2170 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114 (United States) - Map
(415) 861-5016
Set: 9:30 PM
Doors: 8:30 PM
Tickets: $10 advance and $12 at Door
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