Friday, October 22, 2010

Back in the Hood: Hayes Valley & Its Living Alley

While I not longer call Hayes Valley home, I went back to the neighborhood yesterday to help celebrate the opening of the Linden Living Alley, the brainchild of architect David Winslow and heartbeat of the 'hood. More than 5 years after Winslow received a Community Challenge Grant to complete the renovation of the once-downtrodden alley into a, if you will, urban gathering place, the completion of the project was a real testament to commitment, tenacity and vision. It was sweet to play a bunch of tunes I'd written while living in the area as locals — including District Supervisors, Open Space Dept. heads & others— applauded Winslow and his team. Treats from Suppenkuche & Blue Bottle added to the festivities.

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