Friday, June 17, 2011

10 things I'm happy about this June

Some things I love about June thus far (In no particular order):

1) The sun. I think I'm one of those Seasonally Affective Disorder Folks. The sun has finally come out from hiding in the Bay Area.
2) I started the month seeing an Iron & Wine show. A great start!
3) I got clued into the cool fundraising events that Savory Thymes does in Mill Valley ( Check out their calendar!) at a benefit for the Kiss the Cook & Farmer Too TV series (check it out too)
4) Amid the kissing of cooks and farmers, we won a subscription to Full Belly Farm's CSA program.  Can I say how awesome it is to pick up a box of freshly picked vegetables each week?
5) There's some great live music & community happenings in Alameda, particularly at Speisekammer which routinely books gypsy jazz, swing and country acts, et. al. with serious chops.
6) Happy gigs. My good fortune to be playing around the Bay & up and down the coast this summer.
7) Happy yoga. Both assisting/adjusting & practicing. I'm learning lots. On the practice front, I was instructed to work on my back bends when I left Mysore in February... four months later some of the work maybe bearing fruit. ...Or it could be the sun. Whatever, I'll take it!
8) Green is not a bad color for toenails...especially if you can go a day without wearing socks
9) You can pre-order Gillian Welch's long awaited new CD The Harrow & The Harvest which comes out June 28.
10) I seemed to have gotten through the lunar eclipse relatively unscathed.

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