Monday, June 13, 2011

June is Jumpin Calendar Check: Peri's Fairfax

June 14 @ Peri's in Fairfax, poster by Misisipi Mikee
After a sweet time at Yoshi's Lounge Sunday, I'm gearing up for the rest of this gig-busy month that's concentrated in the San Francisco Bay Area. Yay! First up for the next round of shows is this Tuesday, when I venture back to Marin County to play at Peri's in Fairfax for a full-band gig. Nestled deep in the heart of Marin, there's always a lot going on musically in Fairfax and Peri's has been holding down a corner of that vibe for a while. We open for a rocking project called Happy Idiot and I expect a good relaxed time.

Coming up: Sunday, June 19, I guest on Berkeley LUVeR Radio cast: LOVE UNDERGROUND VISIONARY REVOLUTION. Tune in for a live performance.

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