Monday, February 13, 2012

Ploughs, Stars & High Streets

Sound checking at Plough & Stars Friday
I digested a full weekend of music played and heard by reading up on the Grammy winners. I was struck by how most of the Grammy categories I was really interested in — Blues, Folk & Americana, anyone? — didn't have their ceremonies televised. Not that I was watching them on TV (I read the hilarious NY Times live blog of the proceedings instead, augmented by some YouTube viewing). Still, you had to go looking to see who won those categories (Tedeschi Trucks, Civil Wars, Levon Helms respectively). Meanwhile, here in the Bay Area, I've been hearing and talking to and playing with a bunch of musicians you may or may not have heard about but should hear about.  After playing a set at Plough & Stars on Friday, I kicked back to listen to the rest of the (Americana-leaning) bill (Kitchen Fire, The Creak), followed by a night out in Alameda at High Street Station to see Alexis Harte and Demond Moodie's new (rock) project, followed by a shared evening at Actual Cafe with (pop vocal) Kaitlin McGaw. Good stuff and times all around. Can I repeat how grateful I am for all the music in my life and knowing so many hardworking folks in my immediate community? And I'm doubly excited about High Street Station being right down the road—they're the venue of the Local Music Vibe Meet-up I'm hosting every other Tuesday, have a new stage and are fired up about, and actively booking interesting, accomplished and varied acts. Saturday's show was filled with an appreciative sit-down crowd who were all about the original music being played. And it's really nice to not drive too far to catch some good tunes in a nice venue.

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