Sunday, March 18, 2012

SXSW Wrap-up: Local Music Community in Action

If you've been reading here this week, you know that the Local Music Vibe Road Trip to Austin in Chuck Prophet's van was a success. LMV founder Shelley Champine, San Francisco photog/videographer Matthew Washburn and myself shepherded Chuck's van and associated music gear across four states with a minimum of fuss (one low tire, one jammed back door & lot of smooshed insects on the windshield but nothing major), and as much fun as one can have driving long hours across vast swatches of often desolate looking country. We ate local Mexican food and pie whenever possible, caught some live music in Tucson, while blogging, photographing, videoing and Tweeting about it all when we weren't at the wheel. There was even a little yoga and on-the-fly songwriting along the way (see video below). We got into Austin Wednesday after midnight, unpacked the van, disbanded our road-trip trio and waved Shelley off to deliver the vehicle and her support to Chuck and his band where he had a successful run of shows. Meanwhile, Matthew and I met up with our respective friends and we all soaked up as much music as possible.  Let's her it for Local Music communities working together to get things done!

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