Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gung hay fat choy

"Winds in downtown San Francisco could approach hurricane speed, more than enough to blow over any unsecured rat. Rainfall could hit an inch or more, wet enough to soak a nonslickered beauty queen." — SF Chronicle, "Year of the (wet) Rat parade for stormy S.F."

Now that's a visual! I do have a new toy to use, a Flip video camera that I put into practice last night at 415 Friday with the TCG crew, and at Keane's gig at 111 Minna. A Yelp event, I was surprised to see how well this social network is working at both linking people up online and getting people together in real world. I have an interest in completing loops--there's a way, I think, that content, information and tenuous connection can stay online to the detriment of practical reality. Information is only helpful if it spurs action.... That said, I'm spending the weekend getting myself back in alignment-yoga classes and an SGI meeting and a gig. I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing and playing with this fellow bunch of songwriters later tonight. It means, alas, I'm going to miss the Chinese New Year's Parade, which is facing impending rain and wind....The Year of the Rat (rats are smart, clever, resourceful, quick-witted, and courageous, cunning problem solvers, energetic, responsible, protective and careful planners. Being first, they're also considered leaders. Rats can also swim)


Mission City Coffee Roasting Co Best of the West: Ten Award-Winning Songwriters in Concert" - 8pm 2221 The Alameda, San Jose CA 95126 (408) 261-2221 Price: $10

Northern California's finest songsmiths -- Chuck McCabe, Amy Obenski,
Deborah Crooks, Deb Thacker, Chris Hanson, Gil Stancourt, Craig Louis
Dingman, Christopher Smith, and Steve Key -- share an evening of great
music. Most of these artists are award-winners from the ranks of West Coast
Songwriters Competitions. All ages are welcome.

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