Wednesday, August 6, 2008

buzzing: mama buzz, darker my love, etc.

"How did you like the drummer?" I asked John, whose been playing said instrument at my shows of late, as we left a club on a half-rainy night.
"He was strong," he opined. Which was my view of the band we'd just seen at one of my favorite SF venutes, The Independent. Amid the very busy day, I'd won tickets to the Darker My Love CD release show. I didn't know their work but had seen the LA/SF band's name around (a very fine name, I should add) and was game. So after a solo Mama Buzz gig with the tremendously talented Lisa Graciano, I hied it on back to SF to meet up with John and go to the show.
'Strong' is what I'd say about the band overall. Energetic, motivated, healthy seeming, they have multi-part songs that I ended up terming 'jangle space.' Kind of jam-band meets shoegaze for lack of better language. I was entertained if not in love, the band demonstrating once again how hard it is to be truly great. Nonetheless, if they keep going...which we all know is the trick. :)

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