Thursday, August 7, 2008

words will do it

I just read something on my friend, poet Karen Hildebrand's blog that made me cry.
It both reminded me to write and got at something in me I didn't know was there. After an evening rehearsal --I'm loving all the people I've been playing with which is great--I woke into a day of researching and reading. There are not enough hours for all the things I want to do and am. So what to do? Make sure there's a sunflower in clear view, read poetry and listen to music, today a lot of George Harrison:
"I've lived in fear/I've been out there/I've been 'round and/seen my share/of this sad world/And all the hate/that it's stirred/I only ask/that what I know/should not be denied me now/As it's been learned/And I have seen my life belongs to me/My love belongs to who can see it"

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