Wednesday, October 15, 2008

fighting poverty

Is the theme of blog action day—which is today— so I'm redirecting you to Tracy Kunichika's site

Operation Shanti. There's always a way to give back and OS makes it easy. Check out the site or the blog for ways you can help. A bit of its mission:

"Operation Shanti Envisions...

A world in which the poor are given the opportunity to reach their full potential in life.

We endeavor to spread peace, goodwill, and hope throughout our world by helping the poorest and neediest gain status and their rightful place in their societies. Often, the poor are robbed of their human rights, are discarded, treated inhumanely, and ignored. The ultimate goal of our work is to give the poor back their rights as human beings.

Operation Shanti's Mission is...

To directly improve the lives of exploited, at-risk, destitute children and the forgotten, suffering elderly, enabling them to become "beacons of light" and share the same gifts of peace, goodwill, and generosity with others for the rest of their lifetimes."

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