Thursday, October 16, 2008

full circle benefits:beach, run, 2.0. music, obama, olé!

Wednesday started and ended with election-related events: casting my mail-in ballot and eschewing the debate for keeping the momentum on getting the vote out for Obama, with work and music folded into the mix. On my way to Women's 2.0's Music Makers and Technology Shakers pow-wow at Slide last night, I walked through the in progress-set up for expo/start area of the Nike Women's International Marathon this weekend. A benefit for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training, I believe proceeds (or a portion thereof) go to working to prevent these diseases. India comes first, but I'm thinking I may just put the half-marathon on my to-do list for next year. I haven't run cross-country in 20 years, or raced bikes in 10, but this seems like a must-do (and part of a life-list made a while back).
The music pow-wow was a who's-who of industry folks working in the music space (and would have made a nice night-before event for Monday's Music Tech Summit). Per usual, talk focused on whether to pay for music or not and labels going the way of subscriptions. My favorite part of the night (past the friendly hobnobing), was Persephone's Bee's lead Angelina Moysov gently suggesting musicians get back to spending more time on the music itself rather than the marketing. Hear-hear. Though the musician's playing at Barak N'Roll, the Obama fundraiser I attended post-Slide at The Independent, were also giving their services away, in this case John Doe, of X, headlined the convivial gathering that included a Obama bake-sale, Travel Fund and videos of our next pres inspiring us all to make this place a better one. Doe was playing solo acoustic, giving it his all, but would have benefited from a band given the talkey crowd. Nonetheless, I left a little early because morning beach walks have been key of late. This morning, wouldn't you know it, in addition to sand and surf, I saw more course-workers setting up the Saturday's marathon course along the route that skirts the Great Highway...

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