Saturday, October 25, 2008

listening in, taking off

The last 24 hours before boarding a plane (this one, I believe) were about keeping busy enough to 1) get everything in my bags and 2) keep my panic at bay. Nothing like deciding to go to India for a month to stir the pot! And, per usual, I loved my San Francisco life all that much more for it, celebrating with a fit of apple pie making, DSDT board brainstorming, housecleaning, tozo hosting, luthier appointment-making, and some live music. On the latter topic, I got together with songwriter friend Alex Walsh to discuss his brand new, Buddhist-inspired CD "This is What I Heard." I've heard a lot of these songs in their formative stage at song group and the CD proves their merit, staying true to Alex's pop/rock/Beatles & Dylan influences with melodies that stick with the listener. (I've got one of the tunes in my head right now!) I'll be away, but he's a release party coming up on November 22 for the self-produced, mixed and played effort at Bazaar Cafe. Check him out. After catching up about the all original/self-produced & mixed project, we went to see our mutual mastering engineer Michael play in his roots/folk/bluegrass all-acoustic outfit, The Rock Soup Ramblers, at Ireland's 32. Michael gave me a couple of the group's CDs when he handed off my master so I was prepared for such covers as "Tall Buildings" and "Louisiana Saturday Night" by the group of fine local guitar, mandolin, bass & fiddle player/singers. There's a lot of heart in this project as well as skill—let's hope they play more!

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RadioMike said...

Have a wonderful and peaceful time. Hopefully when you return the US government will be on it's way to slightly better hands.