Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pirate Cat Radio CAFE

Pre-trip, "this is your life" -type review, seems to be happening in high-relief this week. Part of that was reading some essays, penned in the past couple of years, on the ever-creating Patrick Simm's new radio/live theater show at Pirate Cat Radio & Cafe in the heart of the Mission District (oddly enough, about a block away from a house in which I used to live the year I went to India the first time, and less than that from where my mother was born). My shtick aside, I have to say I just love Pirate Cat. It's just a very cool place, part cafe, part studio (as you can see, photos taken with my cell phone), serving strong coffee, tea and a vegan treats, displaying local art and offering a wide assortment locally-produced radio programs (I was on "California Music Box" earlier in the year). True indie of all stripe (literal and otherwise). Gotta love it. Tune in Tuesdays between 8-10pm for Patrick's show. He's been writing a lot of new theater pieces and you may want to take a close listen.

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