Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mysore: Music & Chocolate

*post updated 11/13
Yes, there is good chocolate in Mysore and I live right around the corner from the tiny store-front that sells all manner of common Indian groceries, bottled water, as well handmade foil-wrapped bars of white, milk, dark and chocolate in unadulterated versions and variations such as cardamon, coconut, or fig date. Yum! Ganesha's Chocolate Stand has been the place to meet for a group of some of the other musician/yogis who are practicing here now and came together to play for a party (our debut is later tonight) and we decided to call ourselves The Chocolate Stand for our meeting place. It's comprised of Lasse Honkonen (Finland) on guitar, Jonathan Borin (San Francisco) another guitar, me singing and Chris Kitisakkul (Thailand/London) on tablas. He's taking tabla from the brother of my Carnatic singing teacher here. Our teachers might roll their eyes at how we're incorporating our classical lessons, but it's been a very fun lark. Note a bit of the party below (yes, we wrote a Mysore yoga-specific song).

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