Sunday, February 15, 2009

Master Musican's of Jajouka

'Where is Jajouka?' you might be asking, as I was a couple of days ago when I saw that the Master Musicians of Jajouka would be in town.  Jajouka is a village in Morroco, and is famous for it's Sufi trance music—and Brian Jones famously endorsed the musicians to Westerners in the 70s. Yesterday, I found the master musicians parading down Haight St. on their way to Amoeba Records for their in-store performance, gathering listeners as they went to form a rag-tag parade into the store. There,  we all crowded in between the vinyl and Cds to get tranced out to their whistles and drums. On the heels of an Indian singing class, it made for a very time-out-of-mind kind of day. 

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Sally said...

Wow, what a great opportunity. One of many reasons to love the City.