Sunday, February 8, 2009

Old Time Music: American & Otherwise

As I made my rushed, rained-upon way to meet some friends at The Make-Out Room for a slice of The San Francisco Bluegrass Festival —a showcase of bluegrass & Americana that's taking place in multiple venues this week—I happened by a venue that was new to me: The Sangati Center, a classical Indian music & art house. Surprised, I opened the door onto founder Gautam Tejas Ganeshan surrounded by the leavings of an artists reception that had just taken place. 
"Do you know of any voice lessons?" I asked, explaining my recent nascent studies of Carnatic singing in India. 
"I'm the teacher," he said. 
"When is the next class?" 
And so Saturday, a few blocks from home rather than a couple of continents, I got back to the Indian scale. I also checked out Sangati's full calendar of Carnatic, Hindustani vocal and sitar concerts.  Lots more to add to the option menu. 
Back at the Make-Out Room, the  equally inspired, if adamantly Americana-folk equipped Gallus Brothers were surprising mesmerizing as they put down on spoons, bones, guitar and nimble vocals. 

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Karen said...

Oh, this is great. Welcome home to the Mission!