Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SXSW landing: Frissell sets the bar

I was going to ease in to the week but that plan went out the window as soon as I walked out the door of the cool little rental in the So. Congress district that Rynda arranged (with cantankerous locks, another story), walked past the Continental Club and into a small line for the show du jour, which just happened to be Bill Frissell who was at his 'home away from home' to play a couple of shows with lap and pedal steel ace Greg Leisz. The musical conversation between these two guys, in complete mastery of their instruments, sitting on stage as if they were sitting in their kitchen, took the crowd of listeners to another planet. Anyhow, I do heart Austin, big-time, and this show set a big bar of purity and excellence for the week of music ahead. 

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