Wednesday, April 29, 2009

LA & NYC Postcard 1

I've been running around too much to write a decent post. Which is no excuse but there you have it. So some bits from the LA-NYC experience thus far:
Shout-outs to ASCAP for putting on a friendly helpful convention, as well as Rynda for putting me up, Pasckie for booking me at Viento y Agua & Tribal Cafe (two extremely groovy, friendly gigs), & Raw Revolution for feeding me and the audience. It was added bonus to see a lot of my SF peeps in LA. Billy & Cara had new Cds, Rick&Aireen are nearly New York has been a bit no- brakes til today. I pretty much landed, got the lowdown from Karen on her apartment, slept a couple hours and got up for the beginning of a week of R. Sharath's yoga tour, & to meet a trio of cool cats in the guise of a Brooklyn guitarist, East Village drummer and Sag Harbor bass player in Brooklyn. Ready, set go, to Googie's where I had opportunity to both play, and then listen to the two very swell artists who preceded and followed me. Michaela Ann & Adam Klein, check 'em out. More workshop (which I'm definitely feeling) & more work, I played tourist Wednesday: post-practice coffee from one of my favorite baristas at Abraco, then the Natural History Museum & Central Park, for butterflies, dinosaur bones and Strawberry Fields...dinner with yoga friends made in, it's not a complete vacation. But it's close and it's definitely New York.

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