Friday, May 8, 2009

Rockin Mom Tiffany Pettrossi

Musician Tiffany Petrossi is one of those amazing people that manage to include several lives in one. Not only does she write songs, manage a band, and maintain a busy child-filled home life (last year, she had a set of twins!), she founded and runs Rockin Moms, a resource, events production and hub for musicians who are mothers. I asked Tiffany a few questions the week leading up to her largest show yet, The Rockin Mom's Mother's Day Celebration, Sunday, May 10 in San Jose.

Q: How many Rockin Moms do you have now?

TP: We have over 500 members on our site:) We continue to grow each day!

Q: How did you get the gumption to go for it and start Rockin Moms?

TP: Well, being a Rockin' Moms myself trying to promote my original music with two children under 5 was a challenge. I wanted to create a place where Moms like me could gain encouragement and also more exposure for their passions as well as value their priceless work as mothers.

Q:has your music changed (or has it) since you've had a family?

TP: I think we all draw upon our life experiences and write about it in our songs. Many of my songs have a , "don't give up" theme to them which I think came from trying to work as both a mother and artist. I have also been inspired to write songs for my children and have been touched deeply as a person by the whole experience.

Q: Are the twins affecting your writing?

TP: Well, yes, I don't have much time to write! I actually started writing a song when I had a miscarriage before getting pregnant with the twins. Since they were born healthy (which I am so thankful for!), I have been able to include a positive spin on the song. I often play for them, they enjoy it and it gives me a chance to practice!

Q: Who keeps you motivated & inspired?

TP: My children really motivated me to have less fear about performing my original music. They are actually really sweet and supportive of me. I just have this nagging feeling inside that continues to push me forward. I feel like music and Rockin' Moms are part of my destiny almost. I know that sounds corny but I just can't stop! I get really excited about started this company that inspires and helps other musicians, moms and women. It is very gratifying when I get positive feedback from my members and that helps propel me forward.

Q: What will you do next?

TP: I would really like to get back to recording and writing another album with a producer and have the funds to really spend adequate time on it. I also want to continue to see Rockin' Moms grow and travel all around the world promoting and
performing with like minded individual who want to spread happiness through music...and bring my whole family along for the ride of course :).

Rockin Moms Mother's Day Celebration takes place Sunday, May 10, 12-5pm at the Landmark Ballroom, in San Jose

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