Sunday, August 23, 2009

Living on the road, my friend

The shows this past week — in Fairfax, Salinas and at the IndieGrrl Conference in Nashville — have kicked off what looks like to be a run of living out of a suitcase. It's been fun and has let to much consideration about 'what to keep and what to give away?' .

In anticipation of the Indie Abundance the line-up's previewed a show at Peri's in Fairfax. Emily Bonn, Chantelle Tibbs and me along with our bands had a hoot. This bodes well for the kick-off show at El Rio on August 30 when we'll all be playing shorts sets with our full complements of backing musicians and band mates.

Two days after Peri's, my stalwart band member Kwame Copeland and I tried out the lean-and-mean acoustic version of the material at the Gap in-store in Salinas. A surreal gig to say the least with the shoppers and onlookers and stacks of jeans surrounding us, and nonetheless, fun and gratifying (we're looking forward to our new jeans) ;-).

Exceedingly early the next day I hopped a plane to Nashville for four sets on different showcase stages at the IndieGrrl Conference. There I was delighted to find a backing guitarist in Brett Rosenberg, a local artist whose playing was equal parts Buddy Miller & Ryan Adams (I hope he would see this as the complement I mean) and duly kicked ass on his Danelectro (and, in the case of the unplugged Women's Radio turn, duck-taped acoustic) as well as backing vocals. Check him out.

I am so grateful for the great musicians I've been sharing the stage with these days. Yes! As well as those I'm meeting: A lot of different artists flew in for the conference, and I was happy to reconnect with Tiffany Petrossi as well as meet other fine singer-songwriters across the musical spectrum Alyson Greenfield, Michele Monte & Eileen Carey. Lots of possibilities and options appear ahead and I need to really see Nashville next time. But first I gotta unpack...and pack.

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