Monday, August 17, 2009

My Life of Pie: the SXSW chapter

I have a lifelong love of actual fruit pie. I grew up making them, I eat a lot of it for breakfast on the road and consider it equal parts, comfort, art and nutrition. So when when LA musician Patrick Gallagher opined that life-streaming musician Jody Gnant, super interactive/music label expert Rynda Laurel and me, indie artist/communications catalyst, with the addition of CyberPR superstar Arial Hyat formed a virtual 'power pie' of music, tech & marketing know-how, I laughed out loud. This was at the ASCAP "I Create Music" Expo back in April and, dissatisfied with some of what we were hearing, Jody, Rynda & I had an unofficial music biz & lifestyle 'panel' of sorts out in the hallway. Patrick heard what we had going on and ...The idea stuck (coincidentally, Fast Company recently ran an article about the dearth of women influencing these sort of arenas)...and in 2010 the PowerPie has a great chance of going public....if YOU so choose. SxSW's Panel Picker went live today.

Vote for SxSW’s tastiest music panel: The Power Pie feat. Arial Hyatt, Jody Gnant, Deborah Crooks, Rynda Laurel sign in & give it the thumbs up.
Vote for my PanelPicker idea!


Karen said...

Wow, people vote for the panels they want to see included on the schedule? This whole social media thing is way too democratic for an old-school organizer like me. I'd say, let's do it!

Bird in the Tree said...

Hah! Would love if you logged in to tell them to do it!