Thursday, October 29, 2009

A note on apple season

I guess if you're raised across the street from an apple orchard, you can't help but feel at home in apple season. I don't miss crop dusters (this was the 70s remember) cruising low over my roof, but I do miss having my pick of fruit from a half dozen trees as well as access to the nearby orchards. New York's Greenmarket was filled with apple sellers last week and California is the same right now. Yes, I made pie while in New York ("The Northern Spy" variety did live up to it's reputation as a great pie filling) and am spending part of my afternoon doing the same here. I've been back in San Francisco less than two days but stocked up on apples at Rainbow Grocery. Then a friend (smart man) arrived at my doorstep with a bag of apples as a gift. I'm not sure what kind they are. They look like they came from someone's yard. This is a good thing. Want to know more?
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