Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dreaming Big

The beach makes me happy. Today, Ocean Beach was wild and windy with waves breaking 'triple overhead," according to a tired para-sail boarder who was filling me in on the sport (I've yet to try it). Large brown chunks of foam lined the beach and this plover protection area sign was nearly marooned by a couple of temporary beach rivers. I'm happy to be living fairly close to beach access though today made me want to get closer... For a long time, I've harbored a dream to have a big chunk of land on the coast where I'd put a yoga studio and music studios and live in a co-housing arrangement. Kind of Esalen-meets-Real World Studios, only a little more humble. Every once in a while I check out property listings. This week I looked and saw that piece of property near my desired location is for sale. A coastal parcel, 90+ acres, and only .... $5.1 million. Pie in the sky as things now stand (Joke: Q: "how does a musician end up with a million dollars?" a songwriter friend wrote on my Facebook wall when I asked 'where to start?' A: "start with 2 million!")
But as I keep asking myself what it would take to $5 million, a lot of relatively smaller goals seem to be panning out (more on those later this week).
"Live in a question," another musician I know, Forest, once advised. "And when you get to the answer, ask another one."
Right now, I'm doing just that: "How does one raised working/middle-class songwriter/writer/yogi go about making such a land purchase?"
I hope to keep asking questions.

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