Friday, November 6, 2009

Read.Eat.Listen: Ode to Slow

This is the debut post of what will be an ongoing Friday post called "Read.Eat.Listen" @ the Bird in the Tree blog

"When someone screams at me to hurry up, I slow down."
Mario Lemieux

I haven't fully unpacked a suitcase in months but this week I was home. That is, not so much flash, not much going out, but a lot of getting the business done. You know, sorting through those stacks of things to read, business cards, fliers & scrawled lyric ideas, walking a half a block for a perfect Americano, having friends over for tea and generally trying to unplug a bit and listen. I even read a real book about small town life, the Pulitzer winning 'Olive Kitteridge.' Who would have thunk that reading a novel would become, ahem, novel? Or that a book about people who don't know online from Adam or possess glamour or a magic bullet to be better somehow would keep me up late two nights in a row? Clearly a little slowness was needed in this camp. So today's Read.Eat.Listen's picks reflect an ode to going slow.
READ: "Slowness" by Milan Kundera
EAT: Slow Food
LISTEN: "Go Slow" by Julie London

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