Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm not 'going home' or taking a plane anywhere for Thanksgiving. With siblings scattered about if not necessarily far and wide, the day is about friends and local community this year...and as always, pie. I'm making both pumpkin and apple this year for a brunch gathering before I hit two other events. Nonetheless, when someone asked me 'what made my pumpkin pie special?', I didn't have a great comeback (other than using spelt flour rather than white for the crust; turbinado sugar rather than refined for the filling). Frankly, I've always thought you couldn't go wrong with either provided your ingredients were solid: if the apples are killer you really don't need that much embellishment past cinnamon and perhaps a clove or two. But either way, I did a little research into alternative recipes and found some new potentials for both. How far I'll stray from my usual approach in the next 14 hours are open to debate, but with a little more planning (& shopping time), I'll be trying these recipes out:

Raw Pumpkin Pie by Wendy Rudell, from Raw Transformation
Gluten Free Pie Crust, from Whole Foods
Spiced Apple & Pear Pie (from the Food Network)

(and check out NPR's Thanksgiving Song Mix while you're in the kitchen)

Sending love & appreciation to my friends & my family. I am very grateful for the wonderful people in my life.

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Sally said...

I agree with you completely about the key to success is the main ingredients. I look forward to trying the gluten free crust (another time) as we consume way too much wheat. Enjoy your day. Love, Sally