Friday, November 27, 2009

Read.Eat.Listen: Ode to Community

A sense of connection, and sense of community is never clearly illuminated as it is over the holidays. So I've been thinking a lot about community, what it is, what it can be, ideals and failings, and how and whether we determine our community by our family or origin or our families of choice. I've unwittingly spent most of my lifetime gravitating toward communities that starkly demonstrate connectivity, whether in college (environmental studies), years as a competitive cyclist (wins are determined by the strength or weakness the pack), yoga practice (union), music (union or discord, in stereo!), and social media (illustrations of our connectivity). Some tips and demos of Community in the Read.Eat.Listen vein:
Read: "Community: The Structure of Belonging" by Peter Block
Eat: Community tables at restaurants (in SF: Nopa, Dosa, Suppenkuche)
Listen: Bobby McFerrin Voicestra

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