Monday, February 22, 2010

Marin House Concert Blitz

After a week that was characterized by picking up the master of the new CD and working on artwork, I took a spin to Marin on Sunday to attend not one but two house concerts, presented, respectively, by KC Turner in San Rafael and Drew Pearce in Stinson Beach. House concerts have gained favor with musicians and fans alike for providing a more intimate alternative to the regular, oft- chaotic club gig. Turner and Pearce, two songwriters in their own right have answered the call and are hosting a whole series of shows featuring local and touring acts. In home performances are great for songwriter genre--no foaming latte machine or drunken crowd (well, that may happen sometimes, according to James Hurley, who pretty much plays house concerts full time and has a story or tow) to drown out all those carefully honed lyrics. Plus the audience gets a chance to be up close and personal with some of their favorite artists: Turner's guest, Bob Schneider, who was playing at The Independent later that night, took song requests and ribbed his fans for getting song titles wrong; Hurley good-naturedly allowed snack breaks & poured a drink or two at Pearce's event. The latter was followed by an open mic featuring members of largely songwriter audience. The result at both was a truly connected and warm vibe where songs were really heard. Yeah!

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