Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

It doesn't feel too Christmasy in the way of my American life, but India is not immune to even this holiday. Certainly, the many students in the Ashtanga community here didn't miss another opportunity to celebrate. Yan's (w/me in the photo) birthday coincided with Christmas and she threw a dinner party asking female guests to wear traditional dress. I didn't think it would ever happen, but I indeed went sari shopping downtown one evening and with the help of a seasoned sari wearer, was able to get about in the one piece of fabric plus sari-top. I felt equal parts like a poser and totally delighted. Much more comfortable than I thought, though the after dinner-party, after caroling, & dance floor @ Alex's called for a change into something more familiar.

Christmas day itself in Mysore, has been warm and sunny. I'm paying a visit to Operation Shanti's Karunha Mane to see the gift distribution. There are several orphanages, social service organizations (OS, AshaDayaka, Odanadi) and other charities in town for those in need. As in years past, many of the yoga students have banded together to buy gifts for the kids as well as volunteer their time in other ways.

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