Monday, November 26, 2012

Apps for Kids: AzaWhistle & Alphabet Rockers

While I've been busy moving, two friends have debuted fun educational apps just for kids (and adults will likely get a kick out of them as well) over the past several weeks. Check them out!
AzawhistleKids Yogini, writer and all-round ace person Leslie Hendry developed Azawhistle to encourage "clean living in our homes, hearts, backyards, and around the world." The AzawhisltleKids App 'Tejas and Lollipop's Great Clean Up: Everything Has A Home' "uses yoga, meditation and simple acts of cleanliness to teach and inspire children to be organized, responsible, and conscious of their impact on their personal environment." With extra cool illustrations by Boonchu Tanti.
Alphabet Rockers Meanwhile, one of my favorite Bay Area music artists, Kaitlin McGaw, has applied some of her genius to an App she created with her Alphabet Rockers urban pop/hip-hop project. The new Alphabet Rockers app uses music to help kids learn about coins and shapes. How cool is that?
Both AzawhistleKids and Alphabet Rockers Apps are available via iTunes. Let the downloading begin.

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Kaitlin said...

Thanks for sharing, Deborah! Look forward to hearing what people think of our app - Kaitlin.