Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Read.East.Listen: Moving

I'm feeling extra grateful this Thanksgiving as we just moved into a new place! Woo-hoo! So I've been mostly about packing and unpacking boxes and figuring out where to put things rather than online, hence, the pause in posts. Nonetheless, some reading, eating and listening have transpired amid the boxes.
READ: I did manage to attend a lovely, awesome, inspiring, thought-provoking writer's workshop with writer/healer/wise woman Deena Metzger 10 days ago.  She read from her new and PEN-Oakland award winning book La Negra y Blanca. I picked up a copy and look forward to digging in once I settle down a bit.
EAT: Admittedly, many tacos have been consumed amid the upheaval. So much for cooking, ahem. In any case, I'm charged with bringing a dessert to Thanksgiving. Forecast is the Raw Pumpkin Pie from Cafe Gratitude. Yum.
LISTEN: I happened by a performance by Kim Taylor at The Living Room in New York a few years ago and was impressed and surprised in the best way. You know, how when you have no idea whose playing but you go out anyway and you hear exactly what you need to hear? I bought her "Greatest Story" on the spot and have been listening since.  She has a new effort "Love is a Dog" I bought via her recent Kickstarter campaign. The new CD is a great first listen if you're new to Taylor, or this video from one of her previous releases is a good intro, too.

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