Thursday, November 8, 2012

Notes from a busy week

It felt so good and important to vote on Tuesday, which in California, dawned a clear and warm day. After visiting the polling place,  I drove across the island to the bird sanctuary to get my feet on the ground and take solace in simple beauty. Hundreds of winter shorebirds are in town and the waters edge was a riot of feathers and birdsong. It was good to be around conversation that wasn't about the election! And what a great relief, later, to watch the results come in. Phew!

A few days before the election, the new Deborah Slater Dance Theater production "Private Life Studies," on which I'm a writer, debuted at Counterpulse Theater. After months of work it was very pleasing to see the show come together...and beautifully so. I'm looking forward to seeing more stagings of this piece in the coming year. In the meantime, photographer Pak Han took some amazing photos to give you an idea of the action.

Amid everything, I've been running a campaign to raise funds for my new recording on IndieGoGo. This week, in addition to providing a platform for hundreds of folks like myself to crowdfund, IndieGoGo partnered with The Red Cross to make it very easy to collect donations for Hurricane Sandy. I hope you'll check out both opportunities to give!

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