Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Read.Eat.Listen: Rainy day

The rain came back. Which makes it nice and cozy and appropriate for catching up after a busy weekend (yes it's Wednesday and it took a couple days to get to here).
In any case, what the radar caught:
Read: For driving trips more than an hour, we've taken to reading aloud to the driver. This weekend's trip featured "Giving Voice", an interesting and lengthy article about laryngologist Steven M. Zeitels  and his pioneering work saving the voices of many a great singer by John Colapinto.
Eat: The kale chronicles continues. Another version of a Caesar, done up with kale from Food Heaven Made Easy. Skip the cheese and make it vegan. Yes
Listen: I missed Pettyfest at The Fillmore Feb 27 for a fun gig of my own, but hey, check out this all-star version of Mr. Petty's Free Fallin. It's borderline bedlam, but still how cool is that?

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