Thursday, May 2, 2013

Read.Eat.Listen: Homeward

Read: A new guide for Ashtanga practitioners by Sharath Rangaswamy! I picked up the new Astanga Yoga Autsthana" while at Jois Yoga. With clear, concise descriptions of the Ashtanga practice, it's a great companion to Yoga Mala. Not 100% sure where else it's available other than Mysore but my hunch is a lot of studios where Authorize/Certified Ashtanga instructors are teaching  may have some in stock.

Eat: When in San Diego, Fish Tacos. I don't label myself vegetarian or vegan, because while I eat that way 95% of the time, I occasionally eat fish. So Cal is the place for fish tacos. Before heading to LA the other day, I had a wonderful plate, albeit less casual than your usual standup fare, at Jimmy's Famous Tavern in SD with a So Cal-based friend from the Hayes Valley chapter of living. If you're looking for grab-and-go, check out Serious Eats list of best places for fish tacos in SoCal (which has a lively comment list for more suggestions).
Listen: Another great track from the John Denver Tribute album that came out last month:  "Take Me Home,Country Roads" covered by noneother than Brandi Carlyle and Emmylou Harris.

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