Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Read.Eat.Listen: On the gig

Playing National Music Day Popup Parklets for a Cause, photo by Local Music Vibe

Read: Honestly, it seems like I've been reading Google Maps more than anything lately,  getting to the various gigs this month, not to mention planning out our upcoming trip to and through the Southwest, Colorado and Wyoming. But between the scrolling, I've reread a book that meant a lot to me when I read it nearly 20 years ago "Long Quiet Highway" by Natalie Goldberg, about the practice of writing, the practice of Zen, and generally waking up. Goldberg, of course, is famous for helping other write, and so her prose is especially accessible. Rereading books is like touching base with old friends, and I can see now how this book planted a seed in me of searching for meaning and of learning to be an artist and finding and maintaining a practice.
Eat: Likewise, food prep has likewise gone out the window of late (not sure where we'd be without Harmless Harvest coconut water, Raw Revolution Bars and kale chips. Guess what's going in the cooler?) Furthermore, when you're gigging a lot, you generally eat at the gig or near it. I jokingly say that playing Off the Grid, the round-up of gourmet food trucks, is the best smelling gig I have. I recently had some exceptionally good eats before playing a recent OtG, a We Sushi 'burrito' which swapped out the flour tortilla for seaweed to create something light and yummy, kind of a high-end hand-roll.
Listen:Mavis! Has a lovely new collection "One True Vine", produced by Jeff Tweedy, no less. Here's "I Like the Things About Me"

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