Monday, November 25, 2013

MEOWCon- the Film: Mini-doc covering Women in Music Conference in Austin

Last month, we traveled to Austin to showcase at MEOWCon, an action-packed conference for women in music. Amid the showcases and panels and networking, Kwame and I were interviewed for this mini-documentary of the MEOW experience. Check it out! You'll also catch Suzi Quatro, Patti Quatro, Kathy Valentine, Jennifer Batten, Mia D'Bruzzi, Paula Boggs, Sara Skinner, Rain Perry, Kim Bingham, Leanne Summers, Hether Wagner Reed, The Better Halves, Theresa Jenkins, Allie Shaw, Chelsea Schwartz, Diana Finlay Hendricks, Julie Christensen, Susan Arbuckle, Amber Saxon, Nancy Quatro Glass, Sue Young, Neeta Ragoowansi,  Tony Scalzo, Rick Carney, Carla DeSantis Black, Margaret Moser, Jody Denberg, Derek Woodgate, Jane Boxall, Rachael Sage and more. MEOW Con is seeking sponsors for the 2014 edition. Visit or for more info.

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