Saturday, February 8, 2014

Heartbreak Hell in Berkeley

Valentine's Day has always felt a bit like a setup, a lot of pressure whether one is in or out of a relationship.  So I was delighted when songwriter Ira Marlowe put together a night of sad songs by other local troubadours to commemorate this pseudo holiday now associated with romantic love. Plus it's a benefit for Bay Area suicide prevention efforts.
Come take a listen. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you may or may not eat too much chocolate...and you're always welcome to bring flowers:
HEARTBREAK HELL @ The Monkey House,
February 14, 2014 7pm Berkeley, CA
with music by Ari Fellows-Mannion, Donna Lou Stevens, Jhene Canody, Kwame Copeland, Deborah Crooks, Monica Pasqual, Caylia Chaiken, Paul Griffiths, Ira Marlowe, Dawn Oberg and Mokai.

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